[B-Greek] Interlinear Plato?

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I made a fairly fruitful use of an interlinear text when I first began
my NT greek studies. I would copy the greek text from the interlinear to
notebook paper and read through it a few times.  Next, I would attempt
to translate the text into English using a lexicon.  When I really
couldn't parse a tough greek word, I would use the helps (Strongs
number) in the interlinear to look the word up in a lexicon or Greek
Concordance.  At the bottom of each page/paragraph of greek text in my
notebook, I would write out several relevant glosses of the greek word
in question as well as the parsing (a sort of home-mode readers gnt) and
any grammatical/syntactical information I could mine.  Afterword, I
would look back at the wooden translation in the interlinear and compare
it with my translation to see if I had the "right" sense.  Several times
this prompted me to re-check whether I really understood the tense or
voice of a verb, etc.  I could usually come back later and site read
paragraphs at a time fairly easy and enjoyably w/o having to perform
translations in my head (was I learning or just memorizing - not sure!
...is memorizing neccessarily bad in the early stages - not sure!).

I moved from this method to using a diglot, and from the diglot to a gnt
w/o any English (upon advice gleaned from this forum).

In spite of doing all the *wrong* things - Thayer's Lexicon, interlinear
text, Erasmian pronunciation, translating the text to English, etc.
(:>), I felt as though I was making great progress and I *really*
enjoyed my study.  

I sometimes wonder if the wrong things are neccessarily so wrong...oh

Andrew Suttles

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On 10/11/07, Dr. Don Wilkins <drdwilkins at verizon.net> wrote:
> Let me add that by mentioning the interlinear publications I was not 
> endorsing the idea, just trying to lend a hand without being critical.

     A worthy impulse.
    All the criticisms of interlinears are correct, and they deserve
occasional reiteration for the benefit of newcomers to the list, but to
the torrent of horrified deprecation unleashed on this list every time
are mentioned has become funny. I find myself imagining a scene in a
play. (Naive maiden to Victorian nanny: "I have been considering
becoming a
prostitute--can you recommend a good street-corner?" Victorian nanny:
in the weeping and cajoling.])
    I have been trying off and on for several days to imagine a
(nondisastrous, nonshameful) use for an interlinear, and a couple of
times I
think I have begun to come close.
    Don't get the wrong. I do kind of enjoy the weeping and cajoling.
And as
I suggested at the start, I essentially agree with all of it.

James Ernest
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