[B-Greek] Interlinear Plato?

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Fri Oct 12 09:11:03 EDT 2007

It seems to me that one can use a tool, (Interlinear), without shame if it
works well for the task at hand.  I personally have no use for one.
Actually, I have given all of my interlinears away to new students or
novices who have a basic interest in Greek.  Let's face it, some people have
an introductory interest in Greek.  They don't wish to proceed any further.
To these types of folks the interlinear may be of a basic assistance. If it
helps them in their study as a "new Greek explorer" or a "layperson NT Greek
student", who cares.  There are several lay persons in my church who were
introduced to Greek study by way of the interlinear.  One day and with the
Lord's help, they may not need this simple tool and may then advance in
their study to use yet another more advanced tool. 

I thank God we have these kinds of things available to us.  Not all of the
ones on this list have been studying Greek for some 20 years as I have or
many of you have now been doing. We need to make sure those who use these
tools are not shamed because the wish to use them.  Let's guide them as to
how to use these interlinear resources wisely.

Just a thought and maybe of no value to anyone.

David Taylor
Minister of Compassion
ST Elmo (Chattanooga, TN)
david at streetministerdavid.com
ministerdavid at bellsouth.net

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On 10/11/07, Dr. Don Wilkins <drdwilkins at verizon.net> wrote:
> Let me add that by mentioning the interlinear publications I was not
> endorsing the idea, just trying to lend a hand without being
> critical.

     A worthy impulse.
    All the criticisms of interlinears are correct, and they deserve
occasional reiteration for the benefit of newcomers to the list, but to me
the torrent of horrified deprecation unleashed on this list every time they
are mentioned has become funny. I find myself imagining a scene in a spoof
play. (Naive maiden to Victorian nanny: "I have been considering becoming a
prostitute--can you recommend a good street-corner?" Victorian nanny: [Fill
in the weeping and cajoling.])
    I have been trying off and on for several days to imagine a legitimate
(nondisastrous, nonshameful) use for an interlinear, and a couple of times I
think I have begun to come close.
    Don't get the wrong. I do kind of enjoy the weeping and cajoling. And as
I suggested at the start, I essentially agree with all of it.

James Ernest
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