[B-Greek] Interlinear Plato?

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Once upon a time there was a man who decided that he wanted to climb Mt Everest.  He acquired all of the necessary equipment, tents, cooking utensils, clothing appropriate for the occasion and food.  He then got a number of porters and a sedan chair.  He set out on his expedition with the porters carrying his equipment and him in the sedan chair.  He finally reached the top.  Did he really climb Mt Everest?
The question is, "Do you really want to read the Greek or do you want to PRETEND that you have read the Greek?
Therefore, O faithful Christian, search for truth, hear truth, 
learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, 
defend the truth till death.
- Jan Hus

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> Does anyone know if there are interlinear ancient
> Greek books/websites available, not including the GNT?
> I've seen the Loeb, but that just has Greek on one
> page and English on the opposite page. I'm looking for
> interlinear ancient Greek writings.

Mitch, why ever would you want such a thing?  Interlinears nicely cripple 
one's ability to  read the language.  Just work at really learning Greek, 
and you won't have to worry about it.

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Professor, WRTS
Classics Instructor, TAA

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