[B-Greek] PAS in Colossians 1:15-20 and tense in v.20

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I would say that PASHS KTISEWS is the same as TA PANTA.  Some would disagree but I think that is what the context is arguing.

And yes, all things have been reconciled through Christ.  Everything governed by that hOTI clause has already happened.

Kelton Graham 
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> B-Greekers, 
> I have two questions about this passage. 
> First, the usage of PAS. 
> v.15 PAS KTISIS "every creature" 
> v.16 PAS "all things" 
> v.17 PAS "all things" 
> v.18 PAS "all things" 
> v.20 PAS "all things" (KJV) 
> Does PAS refer to the same group of individuals in each of these verses? 
> Secondly, APOKATALLASSO is in the aorist tense. Does this necessary mean that 
> Christ has already reconciled PAS? 
> -Kramer 
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