[B-Greek] Cross-References & Quotations in NA27 and UBS

James Ernest j.d.ernest at bc.edu
Wed Oct 3 21:53:41 EDT 2007

John R. Gentry <johnrgentry at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Do any of you know of a catalog or compilation of the cross-references
> used in NA27.  I'm wanting to provide the cross-references to a
> non-Greek friend who does not have NA27.  I've searched the archives
> and did not find any previous posts regarding this.

> Also, I have noticed that there are differences in the lists of quotations
> and allusions in the back of NA27 and UBS4.  I do not have a specific
> example, but a few months back I spent some time looking through these lists
> and noticed that there were some OT passages referenced in one list(s) that
> were not in the other(s).  Do any of you know why this is? Are any of you
> aware of a list of these differences?

John, I suspect that if you were to look up the first few texts on
which the lists differ, you'd be able to answer your own question.
Even with marked quotations, it isn't always possible to identify the
quoted text with certainty; and allusions are even more difficult to
pin down. Any two lists would be different.

As to copyright: reproducing and distributing typeset pages of NA (for
example) would probably be a copyright infringement. The data itself
is less obviously protectable; the observation that John 1:1 echoes
Genesis 1:1 is no one's intellectual property. Maybe a whole list
would be protected; but change an item or two and it's a different
list. At any rate, I do not believe that a listing of *differences*
between the tables in the NA and UBS would violate anyone's copyright.
(I don't see how such a list would be useful, but that may be a
failure of imagination on my part.)

I know someone who is preparing a list that will be more comprehensive
than either of the ones that you cite; I will BCC this message to him
in case he wants to respond to you. (Don't feel slighted if he
doesn't--his table may not be ready yet.)

James Ernest

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