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Not a single one.  They are all uniformly bad.  I would advise you to avoid them.  You might do one of two things
1.  Use an original languages text and place a translation UNDERNEATH the original
2.  Get one with the original text on one page and the translation on the other (cover the translation)
The reason for this is that it thereby takes an effort to look at the translation whereas with an interlinear it is right there in your face.
Therefore, O faithful Christian, search for truth, hear truth, 
learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, 
defend the truth till death.
- Jan Hus

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I'm thinking of getting an interlinear Bible. The  Bible with verses
in English, Hebrew and Greek.
Do you guys know of any good ones. Or any other Bible that might be
better then the
interlinear.  Thank you.

-Franck Tingue-

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