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Mark Goodacre goodacre at gmail.com
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Since no one in this thread has spoken up for Duff, let me do so.  The
thread might easily give the mistaken impression to the newcomer that
Duff should be avoided, which is absolutely not the case.  On the
contrary, Duff's book is an outstanding new introductory grammar, and
it has a geneaological relationship with famous introductory text
books in the past.  Duff is a complete revision of Wenham just as
Wenham was a revision of Nunn.  Wenham was the standard Greek
introduction for more than a generation in the UK, and it is now
replaced by Duff.  This is important because the book is attempting to
take forward the best in Wenham and to revise the less satisfactory
elements, which had become clear because of the repeated usage in
universities and colleges over those many years by many people.
Moreover, when Jeremy Duff engaged in his revision of Wenham, he
tested his drafts extensively, sending them out to teachers to try
them out and to offer their feedback so that he could improve it

My guess is that those suggesting other text books are not doing so on
the basis of having engaged with Duff but rather on the basis of
putting forward their own preferred text book, which in the US is
usually Mounce.  That's entirely understandable, of course, and I have
no criticism of Mounce, but I wanted to underline that there are also
strong reasons for using Duff.  For additional electronic resources
connected with the book, see http://www.nt-greek.net/ .

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