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Brian Mitchell mikamimitchell at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 1 04:52:14 EDT 2007

> Reading needs to be based on top of a fluent, rapid oral ability in the language.
 I agree, and maybe with Greek writing composition practice, as well. 

> Perhaps it will help to define 'fluency' in common sense ways and away from
> a discussion of ancient Greek. If someone says that they are fluent in
> German, one would expect to be able to attend a lecture on a topic of
> interest in German. If a person attended such a lecture and reported that
> they parsed the first two verbs and heard the word "China" somewhere in the
> middle along with hundreds of 'die's and 'ist's, that does not count as
> fluency or fluent communication.

Then what may be need, in addition to b-greek, is another forum/e-mail group that uses Koine Greek as the means of communication rather than just as the topic of communication. 

 As, you know, the way koine and Classical Greek are currently taught in secular colleges and seminaries is the old fashion "stop and parse method" which doesn't work as well as Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda's teaching Hebrew by the means of Hebrew method.

What you/we are dealing with, then, is a major problem. How one would go about changing the current situation, on a grand scale, in the current Greek pedagogy we are faced with in the west I do not know. 

 Maybe, change could happen, if people began to think of homer, classical, koine, and modern Greek as simply Greek like is done with Hebrew at the Hebrew college in Boston where, I believe, they do not have a special class for Biblical Hebrew/Mishnic Hebrew, ect but teach all forms of Hebrew through training of and the using of modern Hebrew in the first four semesters of required Hebrew classes before students can take any classes in their major.
I guess the teaching of Classical Greek through modern Greek instruction might work as well. This is interesting and I think we may need to hear more about this and the solutions to the problems.

                                     Any suggestions,

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