[B-Greek] Attributive and Predicate Adjectives

Henry T. Carmichael carmih at bigfoot.com
Sun Jul 29 22:07:55 EDT 2007

Carl Conrad wrote:

In ? ?????? ????? (hO ALHQHS LOGOS) or ? ?????
? ?????? (hO LOGOS hO ALHQHS) the adjective is attributive:
"The true saying." I'd say there's a nuance of difference between
these two formulations, although semantically they are equivalent:
the first is "the true saying," the second is "the saying, i.e. the
true one."

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Dr. Conrad:

When the adjective does have the article, as you have in the second 
example, you see a nuance of difference.  Is the difference one that 
emphasizes the truthfulness of the saying, or is it to emphasize this 
particular true saying as compared to other true sayings - first among 
equals, as it were?

Henry Carmichael

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