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"no significant variants" refers to the Greek line of text  (19:4a)  
about which the question was raised.
Moreover, in Ziegler's text  v.3 is present: "Decay and worms will  
take possession of him, and a reckless soul will be carried off. " V. 
4 then,  begins a new stanza.
Skehan, no doubt, is speaking of a possible Hebrew Ur-text. That,  
however, would seem to be a different question.
On Jul 29, 2007, at 4:14 PM, Elizabeth Kline wrote:

> On Jul 29, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Albert Pietersma wrote:
>> For the line in question, Ziegler = Rahlfs, though that is  not
>> always the case. The apparatus notes no significant variants.
>> Al
> 19:2 Wine and women make the mind giddy,
> and the companion of prostitutes becomes reckless.
> 19:4 He who lightly trusts [in them] has no sense,
> and he who strays [after them] sins against his own life.
> Skehan (AB p.62) claims to base his readings from the ms groups GI
> and GII on Zeigler:1965. On the alternate reading in 19:4b he states:
> "Two MSS of GII substitute 'the one who is incontinent' for v 4's 'he
> who strays', and it is this limited clue that suggests relating v 4
> to the context of vv 1-3 rather than to vv 5-12 with which it seems
> to have no connection. '(strays) after them (the prostitutes of 2b)
> interprets 4b of GI in that sense ...  (AB p.289).
> Apparently Skehan considered these significant variants.
> Elizabeth Kline
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