[B-Greek] SOFIA SIRAX 19:4 - Hearts and Minds

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Sun Jul 29 16:14:25 EDT 2007

On Jul 29, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Albert Pietersma wrote:

> For the line in question, Ziegler = Rahlfs, though that is  not  
> always the case. The apparatus notes no significant variants.
> Al

19:2 Wine and women make the mind giddy,
and the companion of prostitutes becomes reckless.
19:4 He who lightly trusts [in them] has no sense,
and he who strays [after them] sins against his own life.

Skehan (AB p.62) claims to base his readings from the ms groups GI  
and GII on Zeigler:1965. On the alternate reading in 19:4b he states:  
"Two MSS of GII substitute 'the one who is incontinent' for v 4's 'he  
who strays', and it is this limited clue that suggests relating v 4  
to the context of vv 1-3 rather than to vv 5-12 with which it seems  
to have no connection. '(strays) after them (the prostitutes of 2b)  
interprets 4b of GI in that sense ...  (AB p.289).

Apparently Skehan considered these significant variants.

Elizabeth Kline

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