[B-Greek] Alma/Virgin

Rev. Jim Cunningham kjv_gods_word at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 12:14:51 EDT 2007

If you folks are going to be so totally dishonest that you refuse to see that "Alma" refers to a virgin (an unmarried, sexually pure) young woman, even with proof, merely because you simply DO NOT WANT TO believe, then I cannot trust ANYTHING you have to say. There is no bias like an intellectual bias, and all of you are intellectually biased when it comes to the Scriptures. How do any of you - nobodies all - presume to tell us Jews what our own religion and language means?! For four thousands years we have know that the word alma in that verse was referring to a prophecy of a virgin giving birth. True, in the time since Jesus of Nazareth there have been some blasphemously traitorous rabbis who, not wanting to concede to the christians their view of Jesus' virgin birth, have attempted to change what everyone knew Alma in that verse meant. But everyone else has known the truth. And here you group of little pip squeeks, as though you are some wise all-knowing intelligent
 people, are going to break down OUR Scriptures and tell US that we are wrong? Declaring yourselves to be wise, you've become total fools. Stop your antisemitism and go trash someone else's religion - starting with your own heathenism. 
  -Rev. Jim Cunningham

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