[B-Greek] Hebrews 3:16 - prove it's a question

Jonathan Robie jwrobie at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 28 10:08:49 EDT 2007

I think Carl did the right thing in closing this thread off. I'd just like to add one excerpt from the FAQ, an excerpt that Carl shared with Rey several days ago in private email.

I really appreciate the general tone of this list, and find it a great place to learn. I think a great deal of the success of this list is due to our rules for keeping discussion informative and constructive.

As List Owner, I'd like to be clear that these rules are enforced. Most of this happens in private discussion with the individuals involved. Most of the time, a simple email is all that is needed. When that doesn't work, we put people on moderation and review their messages before allowing them to appear. People who just don't catch on even then are taken off the list.

List Owner, B-Greek

"Keeping discussion informative and constructive:

-- Comments should focus upon issues directly related to Biblical Greek or a biblical Greek text. If, in the judgment of list-moderators, discussion is moving beyond parameters deemed appropriate for the list, a thread may be closed; those who continue to post on a closed thread may lose list privileges.

-- Those who participate in the conference represent a wide range of theological and denominational perspectives, perhaps even including some whose interests are purely academic. Deep religious convictions surely characterize many, perhaps most, of the list-participants, and some of these convictions bear directly upon how the Biblical text is to be understood. At the core of our discussion, however, is not what our convictions are but what the Greek text may legitimately be understood to mean. If discussion of this nature is to succeed, proper respect and courtesy to other list members is important. While scholarly debate, including disagreement, is encouraged as a goal of this conference, attacks upon the character, intelligence, or faith of those participating are not acceptable. Criticism must focus upon the arguments of others; it may not be directed to the individual.

-- B-Greek must not be used either to attack or to defend any particular doctrine deemed "orthodox" by one or another individual or group; this is not the forum for apologetic controversy.

-- Those who violate these policies will be contacted politely by the B-Greek staff and requested to conform to these guidelines. Those who continue to violate the policies will no longer be welcome in the conference.

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