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An additional note.  

 It is also referred to as the smallest of all seeds in Antigonus of Carystus 91 and in Diodorus Siculus 1.35.2 

Hagner, D. A. (2002). Vol. 33A: Word Biblical Commentary : Matthew 1-13. Word Biblical Commentary (386). Dallas: Word, Incorporated.

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I know the King James translators took this comparative MIKROTERON in a 
superlative sense (is the least of all seeds), but it seems like a Greek 
would have understood MIKROTERON, however awkward it would be translated 
into English, to be nothing more than an assertion that the mustard seed is 
‘smaller in comparison’ to all seeds. That is, if all seeds were measured 
and put on some scale, the mustard seed would be on the smaller end. I’m 
just not seeing where a Greek would have presumed a superlative sense with 
MIKROTERON even if the group to which it is being compared is all seeds 
(which would mean that the mustard seed is in both groups, so obviously it 
can't be smaller than itself).

Delbert Flora


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