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The lemma (dictionary form) is ἱλάσκομαι [hILASKOMAI].  You are looking at the aor pass imv.  See BDAG

ἱλάσκομαι [hILASKOMAI] (s. two next entries) mid. dep.; fut. ἱλάσομαι [hILASOMAI] LXX; 1 aor. pass. impv. ἱλάσθητι [hILASQHTI] (in mid. mng. ἱλάσθην [hILASQHN] LXX) (Hom. et al.; ins; LXX [Thackeray 270f]; s. also Dodd and Hill, below). 

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I am trying to translate this word, and I am not having much luck
finding the definition of it's lexical form anywhere.  The lexical form
is ILATEUW.  The word is found in Daniel 9:19 in the Old Greek LXX.  Any
help would be greatly appreciated!  

Thank you!

John Litteral

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