[B-Greek] Hebrews 3:16 - prove it's a question

Bert de Haan b_dehaan at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 27 20:57:18 EDT 2007

"rey jacobs" <reyjacobs at yahoo.com>, wrote:

"But I have somewhat new to offer to this discussion.  The claim was made 
that Heb 3:16 begins with tines, and as I pointed out, it in fact begins 
gar (although gar is post-positive so it appear second)."

The first word of this sentence is GAR even though it appears second? If it 
wasn't for the tone of the rest of your message this would be funny.

In the sentence: "Most think we should respect one another; You, however, 
seem to think otherwise."  Does the "However clause" begin with 'you' or 
with 'however'?  Of course it starts with 'You' in spite of the 
post-position of 'however.' In English this sentence can be re-arranged to 
start with 'However' but the GAR clause of Hebrews 3:16 cannot be 
re-arranged to start with GAR.
(I'll leave the Greek issues to others because I am no match for someone who 
"knows" that ...some minuscule scribe erroneously accented tines as an 
interrogative in one or two
manuscripts (or even all of them)...)

Sincerely (and sarcastically) yours; Bert de Haan.

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