[B-Greek] THRHSW EK in John 17:15; Rev 3:10 and extra biblical Greek literature

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> Does THRHSW EK always have the force of keeping one outside a  
> sphere or of
> preventing one from entering a sphere. John 17:15 and Rev 3:10, the  
> only
> biblical references, are problematic texts because they are not  
> clear concerning
> whether one is within the sphere or not. I was wondering whether  
> the extrabiblical
> texts of the combination of these two terms (THREW + EK) would shed  
> light on
> how to understand the biblical texts? The English idiom "Keep out"  
> always
> refers to a position outside the sphere. Does the Greek idiom mean  
> the same.

I think that the EK + genitive is simply what an earlier ablatival  
genitive without any preposition would mean with a verb requiring a  
complement with an ablatival complement.

LSJ gives, under THREW: τηρεῖν ἀπὸ τοῦ πυρός   
[THREIN APO TOU PUROS] protect them from the fire, i.e. cook them  
slowly, Bilabel Ὀψαρτ.P. 10.

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