[B-Greek] What about Danker? (Re: Thomas Hardy, Liddell and Scott On the Completion of their Lexicon)

Jonathan Robie jwrobie at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 25 17:16:34 EDT 2007

I think we need some poems for Frederick Danker ....

Here's one possible start:

Starting with the work of Bauer,
Arndt and Gingrich, hour by hour,
Thus did Frederick William Danker
Clarify, revise, update
Long he pondered, weak and weary,
Every phrase containing KURIE.
No man would have undertaken
Such a task, so god forsaken
Had he known ahead of time
Just how much was on his plate.

Feel free to steal phrases from this to write a better and funnier poem, 
or start from scratch.


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