[B-Greek] Thomas Hardy, Liddell and Scott On the Completion of their Lexicon

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Wed Jul 25 13:06:21 EDT 2007

Quoting Mark Goodacre <goodacre at gmail.com>:

> I had a little google and can't find any source for this, but in
> looking came across this gem, "written by a Westminster schoolboy":
> Two men wrote a lexicon, Liddell and Scott;
> Some parts were clever, but some parts were not.
> Hear, all ye learned, and read me this riddle,
> How the wrong parts wrote Scott and the right parts wrote Liddell
> (cited in Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr., "How the Wrong Parts Wrote Scott
> and the Right Parts Wrote Liddell", _The Classical Journal_, 84/1
> (Oct. - Nov., 1988): 47-52 (51-2).[....]

According to Google Books:
in Recollections of a Town Boy at Westminster, 1849-1855 By Francis Markham
(London, 1903) p.57 the poem "was recited before Liddell by Edward Waterfield,
a town boy (the man who fought with Old Slade)." After hearing it 
"Liddell took
it well, gave his usual scornful sniff, and presented Waterfield with 
his silver

Stephen Goranson
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