[B-Greek] Thomas Hardy, Liddell and Scott On the Completion of their Lexicon

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On 25/07/07, James Spinti <JSpinti at eisenbrauns.com> wrote:

> Very nice. I had only heard the limerick by Johnson (I think it was):
> Scott knew Liddell,
> And Liddell knew less

I had a little google and can't find any source for this, but in
looking came across this gem, "written by a Westminster schoolboy":

Two men wrote a lexicon, Liddell and Scott;
Some parts were clever, but some parts were not.
Hear, all ye learned, and read me this riddle,
How the wrong parts wrote Scott and the right parts wrote Liddell

(cited in Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr., "How the Wrong Parts Wrote Scott
and the Right Parts Wrote Liddell", _The Classical Journal_, 84/1
(Oct. - Nov., 1988): 47-52 (51-2).

Incidentally, note again the rhyme of "riddle" with "Liddell".
According to Kitchell, who is dependent on Lennon, Liddell so liked
the poem that he used to cite it whenever someone found an error in
the Lexicon.

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