[B-Greek] ANA MESON in Genesis 1

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>As to the translation part of you question, Lancelot C.L. Brenton does translate the first appearance of this LXX prepositional phrase in Genesis 1:4 as "between" and at the second appearance in 1:4 he has a superscripted letter at the word "and" which refers to a footnote at the bottom of the page which reads "Gr. and between the darkness". In Genesis 1:6 Brenton has "between". Someone else can comment on the not uncommon preposition redundancy (in the compound for separated or divided and ana meson). 
>Jerry Reimer


I am a "Little Greek" and even "Littler Hebrew"; but, is not this double use of the preposition "between" a Hebraism? In BHS [Gn 1:4],  the preposition "between" is used twice - as is typical in Biblical Hebrew: as in "Let (the two of us) make a covenant between me and between you". In Biblical Hebrew, such a duplication of "between" is not redundant, but it may become redundant in a literal translation into another language. 

If I am wrong (often a good bet), I'm sure I will be corrected for my better understanding. 

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