[B-Greek] Emil Schurer and his Greek Inscriptions

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Re the Apostolic Fathers, just a brief reminder that BAGD (and BDAG) does 
offer full coverage of the vocabulary of the AF, as well as other early 
Christian literature--not that one will always agree with the proposed 
renderings, but the coverage is there. A fine reference tool for reading the 
Mike Holmes
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> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> This may be a touch off-topic...
> In reading Schurer's "History of the Jewish People...", the learned man
> makes certain assumptions about his readers' skills in Hebrew, Greek, and
> Latin. Assumptions that are in my case, largely unsound. Using my BAG, I 
> can
> discover most of the greek but not all. I can now place bets at a hIPPWN
> DROMOS but e.g., what is a PAGKRATION?
> It raises a further question regarding one's stock of lexicons and aids.
> Where BAGD etc. will suffice for Biblical and Christian literature of the
> period and will overlap with these other areas, is there anything else of 
> a
> more general nature that is worth having to hand? In attempting to read 
> the
> Apostolic Fathers, I believe that likewise, one is on one's own. BAGD 
> helps
> to an extent, but will not cover the range of vocabulary in those
> writings...
> Thanks as always..
> Steve Baldwin
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