[B-Greek] Please don't promote commercial products on B-Greek

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Fri Jul 20 06:44:02 EDT 2007

Announcements by list-members of accessible on-line resources or  
published works that may be helpful to students of Biblical Greek are  
surely welcome on B-Greek. Some judgment ought to be exercised,  
however, regarding recommending resources offered by commercial  
firms, whether they be booksellers, software producers of special  
fonts for Greek or firms offering Biblical and related software  
packages. Occasionally a list-member may wish to offer relevant cast- 
offs from a personal library to list-members for a cost; they should  
seek the list-owner's permission to do so and will probably be  
allowed to do so. Occasionally a bookseller may be having a sale on  
books of interest to list-members and may request permission to  
announce the sale and post a URL where details of the sale may be  
accessed by interested parties. If there's any doubt, consider  
whether the items being offered are accessible to all without cost  
--  or are being offered for a price by a commercial firm. If it's a  
matter of items for sale, please consult Jonathan at  
bgreek.owner at gmail.com

from the BG-FAQ (http://www.ibiblio.org/bgreek/faq.html)

“Promoting products, services or public causes on this list: We do  
not permit messages on this list which can be interpreted as being of  
a commercial or business nature, including sales messages from non- 
profit organizations. We especially do not permit messages which spam  
and/or cross-post religious discussion lists trying to get people to  
purchase products or visit various web sites. Advertisements or job- 
postings are not allowed without the approval of the list-owner,  
Jonathan Robie <bgreek.owner at gmail.com>. Please clear your requests  
before posting. Those directly related to the subject matter of B- 
Greek will probably be approved.”

Carl W. Conrad
Co-Chair, B-Greek List

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