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You might take a look at Plato's Timaeus 31b and 92c


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I wonder if any of you learned gentlemen could help me please. It is to do with monogenhV 'monogenhV’ (John 1:18, 3:16 etc).

Over the last few days I have searched the B-Greek archives and discovered a great deal about this word (so I do not wish to resurrect a general discussion on the meaning of it etc) but I cannot seem to find the answer to my question.

That is, does anyone know if this word was normally used OUTSIDE of Scripture with reference to anything other than child or child/parent relationship etc? I say this because all uses of this word in the NT are to do with the latter.

To put this in another way; would the Greek speaking/writing people of the pre-Christ era (or just after) think it unusual to use 'monogenhV’ with reference to ‘things’ or was it common practise to do so? I say this because I have heard it suggested that monadikoV  ‘monadikoV’ for ‘only one of its kind’ (unique) was used as far as individual things were concerned. I wondered why the two different words and their differences (different usages etc). Can anyone help?

I hope this question is in keeping with the scope of this forum. If not, does anyone know where I can find the answer?


Martin Williamson
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