[B-Greek] Emil Schurer and his Greek Inscriptions

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According to LSJ the παγκρατιον [PAGKRATION] was a contest mixing both boxing and wrestling -- see 

http://tinyurl.com/2e5rse and its usage in Herodotus

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Ladies and Gentlemen:
This may be a touch off-topic...

In reading Schurer's "History of the Jewish People...", the learned man 
makes certain assumptions about his readers' skills in Hebrew, Greek, and 
Latin. Assumptions that are in my case, largely unsound. Using my BAG, I can 
discover most of the greek but not all. I can now place bets at a hIPPWN 
DROMOS but e.g., what is a PAGKRATION?

It raises a further question regarding one's stock of lexicons and aids. 
Where BAGD etc. will suffice for Biblical and Christian literature of the 
period and will overlap with these other areas, is there anything else of a 
more general nature that is worth having to hand? In attempting to read the 
Apostolic Fathers, I believe that likewise, one is on one's own. BAGD helps 
to an extent, but will not cover the range of vocabulary in those 

Thanks as always..

Steve Baldwin
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