[B-Greek] He vs. It

Seth sethvm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 18:30:38 EDT 2007

Thanks for your help gentlemen.

I'm a beginning KOINH student, and for some reason the workbook chapter
problem in question is located four chapters behind the corresponding
grammar chapter which is dedicated to AUTOS. It probably would have assisted
me in deciphering the sentence if I had known the forms of AUTOS, but I
think that the author (Mounce) assumed that I wouldn't confuse AUTOS with
other noun rules on gender. Regardless, I don't mind the advanced exposure
to the word.

Thank you for the clarification gentlemen. I assume you are brothers (first,
then grammarians), so please pray for me that I would learn this language
well, as I'm studying independently for God's glory. I do hope to use this
knowledge in the ministry. I enjoy the language very much, and I appreciate
all of you and your input.

Peace to you guys again, and thanks!

Seth Moran
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On 7/18/07, George F Somsel <gfsomsel at yahoo.com > wrote:
>  Indeed it is an odd sentence.  Carl has been critical of some grammars
> for precisely these made-up sentences, and I would say this is a prime
> example of the problem with them.
> george
> gfsomsel
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> >> Workbook Text:
> >>
> >> Workbook Suggested Translation:
> >> I do the work of the angel, and *he* [editing mine] has the
> >> glory of God.
> >>
> Is this Machen?
> Bigger Greeks than I may want to comment on whether the Greek feels odd.
> In this rather odd sentence, and whether my response is correct.
> I can't see anything other than context and meaning to tell me for sure
> whether AUTOS refers to the works or to the angel, but I don't know what
> it would mean for the work of the angel to have the glory of God. That
> said, I'm not sure what the point of the sentence is anyway, the DE
> implies a contrast between the angel and me, perhaps that the angel is
> the one who has the Glory of God, and I just do his grunt work, without
> making any claim to that glory. It would be an odd sentence to find in
> the New Testament, where this kind of relationship between angels and
> people doesn't seem to occur.
> Jonathan
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