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There were some Greek texts in the corpus from Qumran and the Wadi Murabbaat, but I don't recall hearing of any LXX texts.  Perhaps you are thinking of some Hebrew texts which seem to have a text which agrees with the LXX reading in some places.
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> Which version of the LXX is most accurate according  to the   
> original  books of the Torah that were translated bce, and what  
> differences were there in the LXX Qumran fragments versus the text  
> (s) that we have currently?

This is not really a question about the Greek Biblical text as such,  
and it involves a questionable assumption that the Hebrew text  
translated by the LXX translators was identical with the Hebrew  
Masoretic text of the 9th c. C.E. Moreover, I'm not familiar  
(although I may well be wrong) with any LXX fragments in the Qumran  

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