[B-Greek] Preposition governing two nouns

Aaron Lawton lawtonaaron at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 13:27:40 EDT 2007

I was recently presented with an argument concerning John 3:5 - GENNHQH EX 
hUDATOS KAI PNEUMATOS. This text asserted that since the article (I assume 
referring to the preposition EX) governed two nouns joined by KAI then the 
nouns point to the same referent. I could not remember anything in grammar 
nor find anything in my Greek grammars which would support this assertion. 
Is this a misapplication of the Granville-Sharp Rule? Am I missing 

Matt. 23:25 seems to offer a similar construction (EX hARPAGHS KAI AKRASIAS) 
while not appearing to agree with the rule. If applied to John 4:23, 24 (EN 
PNEUMATI KAI ALHQEIA), a Gnostic reading could result. Luke 21:25 (EN hHLIW 
KAI SELHNH KAI ASTROIS) only works if the nouns are viewed as synecdoche. 
Luke 2:4 (EX OIKOU KAI PATRIAS) could follow the rule.

Aaron Lawton

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