[B-Greek] List of NT words used 30 times or more available

John M. Linebarger jmlineb at comcast.net
Mon Jul 16 17:03:48 EDT 2007

Per a request a couple of days ago on this email list, I have a document in Word format that is a list (with glosses) of all words used in the New Testament 30 times or more.  In addition, it also has unusual forms in canonical order.  The font used is Bibleworks.

I generated it from Bibleworks a couple of years ago, and have been correcting it and adding to it ever since.  The glosses are from Barclay Newman's UBS dictionary.  I removed the proper names and added all the unusual forms from Mounce's grammar, as well as other strange forms that I encountered in my own reading of the Greek New Testament.  

It is fixed in a 12 page form factor because I print it out two-up, double sided, onto three pages, and slip the folded pages into my Reader's Greek New Testament published by Zondervan.  With that and J.C. Beckman's one-page Koine Greek Paradigms sheet, all I now need to read the Greek New Testament is contained in that slim volume.  

Since attachments are not allowed on this list, I can send the file to anyone who asks.  If someone finds it useful and would be willing to post it on a Web site, I would be most grateful.


John M. Linebarger

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