[B-Greek] How to Self-Study Attic Greek?

John M. Linebarger jmlineb at comcast.net
Mon Jul 16 11:20:37 EDT 2007

Like many on this list, I received the advice (in the posting about how *not* to learn Koine Greek) with mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I agree with the recommendation conceptually.  On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea how to go about implementing it, since all of my training is in Koine Greek, and I don't think a course on Attic Greek is even offered by any of the colleges in my area.  (Ironically, our local state university does teach a course in Koine Greek.)

So my question to the purists and paedogogs out there is this.  How would one go about self-studying Attic Greek?  And how extensive should that study be (number of years; books read at the end; etc.)

Please be extremely detailed in your response, and lay out things like textbooks and grammars to use for each year, workbooks and assignments, and crucial readings.  And if you can recommend texts and editions, that would be great.  Even better, if you have course syllabi to pass on, please do so!

One other thing.  Why Attic Greek?  Why not Homeric Greek, then Attic Greek?


John M. Linebarger

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