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On Jul 16, 2007, at 9:13 AM, Litteral John wrote:

> I have run onto a word that I am unsure about.  It is found in Daniel
> 7:7 of the Old Greek LXX, not Theodotian.  Here is some of the passage
> to put it into context.  My translation would roughly be,  
> "surpassing in
> strength.  It had great iron teeth, eating and ????"  Would it best be
> translated "pounding" or "thrashing?"  Thanks!  John Litteral
> John.Litteral at ashland.kyschools.us
> uperferwn iscui econ odontaV sidhrouV megalouV esqion kai kopanizon

John, please don't try to scissors-and paste a Greek text into a  
message unless you are sure that it is in Unicode (UTF-8) plain-text.  
And even if you do put it into you message as Unicode Greek, you must  
follow the B-Greek protocol and use the regular B-Greek  
transliteration scheme that is explained within the BG-FAQ page at  

The phrase you're concerned with is evidently κοπανίζον
KOPANIZON; LEH offers "grind, pound" as a sense for KOPANIZW; it  
looks like this is an extended form of KOPTW (root KOP) meaning  
"hit," "pound," "chop."

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