[B-Greek] Greek word AUTOS

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Hi Joshua,

Mark 9:36 is an example. In this case, the word AUTOS refers to a child
(PAIDION). Unfortunately, the word PAIDION is always neuter, regardless
of the gender of the child to which the word refers. So, we have no idea
whether the word AUTOS should be translated as "he" or "she". I assume
that the translators used the word "it" because they didn't know whether
the child was a boy or a girl.


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> All,
> Do you know of an instance where the Greek word AUTOS is translated as
> "it" instead of "he, same, or self"?
> Specifically, I am examining John 14:17 in which the NWT translates the
> word as "it" instead of He or Him.
> I believe that this is a mistranslation but wanted to know if anyone
> knew the answer to that or how I might be able to search the Greek NT to
> find any instances where that word is translated as "it".
> Thoughts?
> Joshua

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