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The neuter gender of AUTOS is often translated "it" Below are just a few

Matthew 12:11 (referring to the sheep)
Matthew 18:13 (referring to the sheep)
Matthew 26:42 (referring to the cup)
Matthew 27:49 (referring to the body)
Matthew 27:60 (referring to the body)
Mark 4:4 and 7  (referring to seed)

Although I agree they have mistranslated it, you have to understand that the term "PNEUMA" is a neuter word and requires a neuter pronoun. But since we believe that the Holy Spirit is a person, we take the "it" and translate it as "he" because in English, people are either "he" or "she," not "it."

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Do you know of an instance where the Greek word AUTOS is translated as
"it" instead of "he, same, or self"?
Specifically, I am examining John 14:17 in which the NWT translates the
word as "it" instead of He or Him.

I believe that this is a mistranslation but wanted to know if anyone
knew the answer to that or how I might be able to search the Greek NT to
find any instances where that word is translated as "it".



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