[B-Greek] Descriptions of function based on translation

Bert de Haan b_dehaan at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 10 21:28:03 EDT 2007

Carl Conrad wrote:
 >I'm currently reviewing a Reader for Koine Greek that is
>really first-rate in its thorough attention to detail, but
>nevertheless seems to take as the bottom line of successful work the
>production of an acceptable English version.

Is there enough reading in this reader to be able to use it for reading 
practice without actually translating?  If so, can you give us the title and 
other vital info?
I have been trying to just read Greek and I would love to have more material 
to do so. I know, there are 27 books in one cover in the GNT but there are 
only some books that I can read fast enough to get used to Greek phrases, 
word order, use of prepositions and cases etc.
Thank you.
Bert de Haan.

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