[B-Greek] Verbal aspect and speaker's viewpoints

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Tue Jul 10 13:16:31 EDT 2007

Thank you, Luis, for your thoughtful reply.

You mention Olson's work; are you referring to Mari Broman Olsen? I don't think she made a connection between aspect and a conceptualized speaker's viewpoint, but I have her work at my other office and can't confirm that.


> The only 
> concern that I had with Olson’s work was that it  relied 
> heavily on the legitimacy of Grice’s maxims (e.g., 
> cooperative principle)  and other notions of implicautre 
> (Olson, p. 17, 18). From my understanding,  Gricecian 
> pragmatics also runs into some problems (Cf. Sperber and 
> Wilson,  Relevance), and this issue will have  a significant 
> bearing on one’s perspective of pragmatics. However, I don't  
> remember if Olson made a necessary connection between 
> linguistic verbal aspect  and an actual conceptualized 
> speaker’s viewpoint. 

> At  any rate, I think that popular notions of NT verbal 
> aspect pertaining to morphology encoding a so-called 
> “speaker’s viewpoint” need to be corrected, or  clarified to 
> say the least. I think what is also needed is for writers to 
> provide a clear distinction between linguistic/semantic 
> verbal aspect and notions of pragmatic “speaker’s viewpoints.” 
> God  bless,
> Luis  C. Reyes

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