[B-Greek] : Questions about verbal aspect.

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Comment on this subject is open to others beside Mr Penner and will be
gratefully received.

Bruce Prince

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Dear Mr Penner

I found your explanation of how the aspect shifts when the reference point
changes quite interesting, and have sometimes wondered if the Biblical Greek
for Luke 23:43 substantiates the placing of the comma in English - before or
after "today".

Bruce Prince

-----Original Message----Ken Penner wrote:
> It IS true that the same objective event can be described using different
(grammatical) aspects, just as the same objective event can be described
using different tenses.
> John read the book yesterday. After he had read the book, he ate
breakfast, because he had promised, "I will read the book before breakfast."
This tense shift is not a totally subjective choice of the author; the tense
shifted because the time of speaking (="speech time") changed. 
> Similarly, the aspect shifts when the "reference point" changes. The
reference point is the time about which an assertion is made. 

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