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There are problems with Turner's views regarding the relationship between the Greek of the NT and its relationship to Hebrew, but it is still an important work.  I have BDF, Robertson, Wallace and Porter in Logos as well as Crosby & Schaefer (introductory classical grammar), Smyth and Moule in print (and a PDF of Goodwin, Pharr and some others).  I'm still buying Moulton.
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Is anyone familiar with the Grammar of New Testament Greek by
Moulton-Howard-Turner? I.e., is it really useful, and how does it compare
with something like BDF or other standard grammars? You can see info at this
page: http://www.logos.com/products/prepub/details/2806. (Note: I'm not
trying to sell anything for Logos, but I'd like to hear some reviews before
I order something like this).

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