[B-Greek] [Ann.]: Linguistic Tree Constructor version 2.6.0

Ulrik Petersen ulrikp at hum.aau.dk
Fri Jul 6 13:43:59 EDT 2007


I have released Linguistic Tree Constructor (LTC) version 2.6.0.

LTC is a cross-platform application for drawing linguistic syntax trees 
in a point-and-click fashion. LTC runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

LTC comes with two Greek New Testaments: Tischendorf's 8th, and James 
Tauber's MorphGNT, both with morphological analyses and lemmas.  It can 
be used for analysis of any language that can be analysed using 
immediate constituent analysis.

LTC supports both "Generic" trees, X-bar, and Role and Reference Grammar 
trees.  The user gets to choose their own node-categories if they so 
desire.  The user can also define their own labels to decorate any node, 
such as "Predicat", "Subject", "Object", etc.

You can get it from here:


This release sees the following improvements over version 2.5.0:

- The user-configurable labels (such as Pred/Subj/Objc, etc.) are now 
available from a panel on the left.
- Speed improvements: Daily usage is much smoother and faster.


Ulrik Petersen
LTC maintainer

Ulrik Petersen, PhD candidate, M.A. (computational linguistics), B.Sc. 
(computer science and math)
University of Aalborg, Denmark
http://ulrikp.org -- Homepage
http://emdros.org -- Emdros is a corpus query system

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