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Iver, et al.,

Fascinating--I am looking forward to searching the Scriptures myself to see
this trend with KURIOS and hO KURIOS.

So far, I'm seeing this unfold with a few examples already, but after
looking at several passages involving dialogue, am I correct in saying that
dialogue doesn't seem to adhere to any so-called article "requirements" at
all? For instance, in Matt. 8:21, one person says to the Lord Jesus, "KURIE,
EPITREYON MOI PRWTON APELQEIN..." and in a passage just above that passage,
someone remarks "DIDASKALE, AKOLOUQHSW SOI..."

Thanks for the insight,

Seth Moran
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On 7/5/07, Iver Larsen <iver_larsen at sil.org> wrote:
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> > Hi Iver, and the rest of the b-Greek list:
> >
> > So if I understand what you're saying, you assert that there is
> consistency
> > within the Koine text which would indicate that when the authors speak
> of
> > the Lord Jesus and the Lord YHWH in the genitive case, they would
> distinct
> > YHWH with KURIOU and the Lord Jesus as TOU KURIOU, correct?
> >
> > If this is so, does this phenomena exist with any other Koine noun-case?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Seth
> There is a consistency in using KURIOS without the article as a proper
> name
> corresponding to the proper name YHWH, regardless of the noun cases.
> Similarly,
> the word KURIOS when referring to Jesus as Lord is consistently used with
> the
> article. There are a few constructions where other factors come into play
> and
> complicate the matter, but this would require a long paper to explain.
> I'll try
> to contact my colleague Dr. Rick Brown to see if his detailed research has
> been
> published.
> We have a bit of the same problem with the word CRISTOS, which is the
> Gospels
> and Acts is primarily used with the article as a title "The Messiah",
> whereas in
> the letters it is more and more becoming a proper name Christ, often
> without the
> article. But as I said, the use of the article is complicated and many
> factors
> need to be considered.
> Iver Larsen

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