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> Hi Iver, and the rest of the b-Greek list:
> So if I understand what you're saying, you assert that there is consistency
> within the Koine text which would indicate that when the authors speak of
> the Lord Jesus and the Lord YHWH in the genitive case, they would distinct
> YHWH with KURIOU and the Lord Jesus as TOU KURIOU, correct?
> If this is so, does this phenomena exist with any other Koine noun-case?
> Thanks,
> Seth

There is a consistency in using KURIOS without the article as a proper name 
corresponding to the proper name YHWH, regardless of the noun cases. Similarly, 
the word KURIOS when referring to Jesus as Lord is consistently used with the 
article. There are a few constructions where other factors come into play and 
complicate the matter, but this would require a long paper to explain. I'll try 
to contact my colleague Dr. Rick Brown to see if his detailed research has been 

We have a bit of the same problem with the word CRISTOS, which is the Gospels 
and Acts is primarily used with the article as a title "The Messiah", whereas in 
the letters it is more and more becoming a proper name Christ, often without the 
article. But as I said, the use of the article is complicated and many factors 
need to be considered.

Iver Larsen

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