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>> Yes, but that misses the aspect of means. In the context of the NT, the
>> grace of God does not bring actual salvation to all people, only the 
>> means
>> of salvation, so the translation is somewhat misleading.
>> I am not opposed to "For the grace of God has appeared as a means of
>> salvation for all people."
>> Iver Larsen
> Would SWTHRIOS be something like 'salvation-bringing'?
> Oun.

The problem I have with the English word "bring" is that it normally entails 
that whatever is brought is actually received by whoever it is brought to. 
That assumption is not contained in SWTHRIOS. English is unable to express 
in a single word the sense of the Greek word, partly because there is no 
such word as "saviourous". That is why a translator has to dig into the 
underlying assumptions and context and then translate using a few more words 
than the Greek.

Iver Larsen 

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