[B-Greek] Traveling Alone & the death of Perseus

Elizabeth Kline kline_dekooning at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 13 11:19:30 EDT 2007

Yesterday I was having some trouble with an obscure word in  
Thucydides and for the first time in months tried to access Perseus  
and found out it was "down". I solved my problem without Perseus.

I wonder how many NT greek students who have been at it for a number  
of years have ever tried reading some new and unfamiliar text with  
nothing but a lexicon and a grammar. The first time I tried this  
(decades ago) it was a terrifying experience. It really brought home  
how little I new about the language.

I have ben traveling alone in the narrative of Thucydides now for  
several months and find it more tolerable than traveling alone with  
any of the tragic playwrights. A good commentary is still helpful  
when reading tragedy.

Reading the GNT with all the electronic tools at your fingertips and  
all the printed resources isn't going to tell you if you know greek.  
All of these resources are great and I use them regularly but at some  
point along the way it is healthy to pick up a Greek text you have  
never read in your native tongue and spend some time traveling alone  
with LS (intermed.), LSJ and H.W.Smyth. It certainly trims some of  
the fat from your ego if nothing else.

Elizabeth Kline

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