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I was just looking through my copy of Comfort and Barrett which while, of course, not a facsimile I trust to be accurate.  I see no evidence of the Tetragrammaton being used.  I see many abbreviations in various cases: QEOS, hUIOS, PATHR, PNEUMA, XRISTOS, even hEBDOMHKONTA. 

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Gentlemen, I am not sure if this a permissible subject on this fine 
list, but if it is, can anyone confirm this statement. I had never 
heard this. I have no interest at all in "plugging" the divine Name 
in Hebrew. or Greek.

Anthony Buzzard

"There is manuscript evidence for the tetragrammaton in the NT prior 
to 200 A.D. The 2 fullest and most significant Mss dated prior to the 
4th Century proving this are P46 and P45, both of which are from 
Egypt. It seems these 2 Mss date between 80 -120 years after the 
original autographs, and have the tetragrammaton."

Anthony Buzzard

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