[B-Greek] The divine name in Gk MSS

Elliot Poe Elliot.Poe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 18:18:59 EST 2006

I believe the manuscript evidence you are refering to is the first and 
last Greek letter of QEOS (QS) with a line drawn above these two 
letters.  I am no expert in textual criticism, but you can see an 
example of this online at the University of Michigan's website (P46) by 
copying an pasting the following link into your internet browser:


You will clearly see the letters QY with a line drawn above them (for 
QEOU).  I presume some claim this is the tetragrammaton because the 
vowels are left out.

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Elliot Poe

(Ps . . . Women also subscribe to this lest.)

Anthony Buzzard wrote:

>Gentlemen, I am not sure if this a permissible subject on this fine 
>list, but if it is, can anyone confirm this statement. I had never 
>heard this. I have no interest at all in "plugging" the divine Name 
>in Hebrew. or Greek.
>Anthony Buzzard
>"There is manuscript evidence for the tetragrammaton in the NT prior 
>to 200 A.D. The 2 fullest and most significant Mss dated prior to the 
>4th Century proving this are P46 and P45, both of which are from 
>Egypt. It seems these 2 Mss date between 80 -120 years after the 
>original autographs, and have the tetragrammaton."
>Anthony Buzzard
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