[B-Greek] commentaries: Colossians

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Nov 29 15:25:40 EST 2006

I suggest you take a look at James D.G. Dunn's NIGTC volume- Colossians 
and Philemon.  Unsurpassed.



Stephen Baldwin wrote:
> Advental Greetings Greekers:
> I'm about to spend my money [again] looking for a commentary on Colossians.
> I'd like something that majors on the greek text.
> Candidates so far are Murray Harris's edition (Exegetical Guide to the Greek 
> New Testament), Peter O'Brien (Word) and the Cambridge Greek Testament 
> (Moule).
> I'm open to other suggestions...
> Is there a Colossians commentary that stands out for the greek student?
> Thanks as always
> Steve
> Stephen Baldwin
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