[B-Greek] Jn 2.4 and translation practices

RRedden604 at aol.com RRedden604 at aol.com
Wed Nov 22 13:45:44 EST 2006

The NET Bible leaves "woman" there, and wrestles with the connotation in  
English in a note.  There may be a significance for Jesus' use of GUNAI in  Jn. 
2:4, et al, and English readers need to face the challenges as well as  
translators in my opinion.
On the other hand, if this is unsatisfactory, I see no real objection to  the 
use of lady instead of woman, since M&W give, as the third  definition,  
"WOMAN, FEMALE   often used in a courteous reference  *show the lady to a seat* or 
usually in the plural in address *ladies and  gentlemen*."  Once again, in a 
translation, a footnote would be  essential.
Rob Redden

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