[B-Greek] Revised Robinson at SBL

Mark House mark at thehousehouse.com
Wed Nov 22 12:42:47 EST 2006

Sorry for the slow response to this post. I've been away at ETS and SBL for 
the past week.

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, Carl Thomas <slewfoot at rangeweb.net> wrote:

>Thanks for the help. I received the book and CD yesterday. And after a
>quick scan of the book and CD it looks like it is going to be a very big
>help in my first study NT Greek. The programs on the CD are very nice.
>Some of these programs I had been looking for.

>Now I have some questions.

>I wonder how many others are using Mastering New Testament Greek:
>Essential Tools for Students with the CD-ROM?

Perhaps this question was intended for the wider B-Greek audience. You are 
among the first to use it since the new edition was just released and the CD 
is brand new. However, thousands of copies of previous editions of the book 
have been sold over the past several years under the title: Mastering Greek 

>On the CD-ROM program The Greek Alphabet has two Pronunciation Methods.
>What are the differences?

These reflect the differing pronunciation of certain Greek letters in 
England/Canada vs. the United States. See the previous B-Greek thread 
entitled "PEE vs. PIE" for more on this.

>>The GIG: Greek Internet Grammar dos not work. Does any body know the 
>>correct URL?

The URL on the CD was a few days late in being completed; it should now be 
in operation.

Mark House
Hendrickson Publishers 

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