[B-Greek] Jn 2.4 and translation practices

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KURIA is a perfectly respectable term for a respectable lady, the  
"lady of the house." Although it appears only 2x in the GNT,  
apparently with reference to a church congregation in 2 and 3 Jn,  
BDAG displays instances of such usage. In general KURIA = Lat.  
"domina" as KURIOS = Lat. "dominus."

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>> hWRA MOU."
>> When we encounter KURIOS in some texts we translate it as "sir" or
>> "Mr.", but there seems to be no term of respect  used for women.  I
>> would propose that GUNH in some contexts should be translated as
>> "Miss" rather than "woman."  It has always seemed rather  
>> disrespectful
>> to hear Jesus address his mother as "woman" though it would seem that
>> the disrespect is more in the English than in the Greek.  The use of
>> "Miss" or "Mrs." or "Lady"  would eliminate this seeming lack of
>> respect.
> Or "Ma'am" would sound most polite, I think.  "Miss" would hardly
> do for one's mother, and "Mrs" isn't usually used without a family
> name following.

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