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Harry Jones wrote:
>Hi All!
>   Well there's no denying that BDAG, for example,  gives at least 
>some of the sources from which they derive the meaning of the words. 
>But doesn't this  involve to a large extent just guess work? 
>Scholarly guess work to be sure, but guess work nevertheless?
>   Best Regards,
>   Harry Jones
No lexicographer is perfect but a lot of scholarly work has gone into 
the various editions of BDAG ever since the work of Bauer in German. 
That's why it is good that you get the literaturary references so you 
can check it out for yourself. George earlier mentioned a tool that I 
have used for years, Moulton & Milligan. Reading the works referred 
to in their entries also helps make you a better reader of Greek.

I remember something that Bruce Metzger mentioned in his book on the 
Text of the NT. He related how a major English Dictionary carried the 
entry, "Dord density" through several editions. The entry was 
supposed to read "D. or d. density" but the periods and spaces got 
left out.

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