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Sun Nov 19 12:00:41 EST 2006

Curtis Hinson wrote: "I have the understanding that any 
extant bit of Greek text, whether formal, informal, or scrawled on a 
bathroom wall, is fair game for understanding the context and semantic 
range of the word."

This is true. One should keep in mind, however, that BDAG is a dictionary of
a specific literary corpus, and does not attempt, more than incidentally, to
make use of non-literary sources. The latest edition of BDAG mentions
Moulton-Milligan, Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament from Non-Literary
Sources, in its Foreward, but I recommend regularly cross-checking words
with M-M to get a feel for the impression that the average non-Jewish,
non-Christian person on the street might have formed upon hearing a given

Webb Mealy

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